Battery Desk Fan

Things To Consider When Buying A Battery Desk Fan

No one likes it when beads of sweat build up and envelop the entire body making one feel sticky all over. There are different inventions man still use up until today to fend off this feeling of discomfort, such as hand fans, electric fans, and even air conditioners. But there is this one fan innovation out there that might actually trump them all, and this is the battery desk fan. A battery desk fan is both efficient and practical, since it is handy enough to be positioned anywhere on the desk and can produce enough wind power to cool you down, while still making sure that the papers on your desk do not get blown away. A battery desk fan creates minimal noise unlike other fans in the market. It is also a space saver especially on the cluttered desk of a busy man. There is a wide variety of battery desk fans in the market, and choosing the right one can be quite difficult. Hopefully, the list below will help narrow down your choices.

One variation of the battery desk fan is the clip fan, wherein it can be used to save on desk space by clipping the fan to a surface near the desk. Desk space is very important to a lot of people and even without the battery desk fan, your desk may already feel cramped and cluttered. A clip desk fan can help minimize the clutter on your desk. Aside from this, clip fans also have other uses. A great advantage of this is it can be clipped anywhere. You can even use this type of a desk fan to cool your baby down when out on a hot day running errands by clipping it on your baby’s stroller. And because this can be clipped anywhere, it is the most versatile type of battery desk fan out in the market.

For those concerned with safety, especially those who have children regularly going through your stuff, there is a battery desk fan that have pre-installed foam blades. This type of fan does not compromise the wind power even with foam blades. This is a good choice for those who regularly take care of kids because it is less dangerous than fans that have blades made out of plastic or metal. This feature makes them very versatile as young and old people can use them without you having to worry about their safety.

A usual favorite is the battery operated misting fan, which is both handy and provides an immediate cooling effect. This type of battery desk fan diffuses a very fine spray of water at regular intervals. It can be used for picnics or watching a live football game during a very hot and humid day.

Solar-powered desk fans may have minimal or no batteries attached to them, but this type of desk fan is one of the most energy efficient fans out there. If your desk is situated beside a window where the sun shines for a significant amount of time, then this type of desk fan is for you. How about those office spaces where you have minimal sunlight? It’s all good, since some solar powered fans have built-in lithium ion batteries that charge when there is sunlight available. Talk about battery desk fan innovation.

When buying a battery desk fan, do not just consider the wind power it gives off. Do take into consideration, however, other precautions or minor details that you may need to address in the long run, such as the need for space or if a child will always be present in your workplace.